Best Streaming Services To Cut Cable With Free Trial

TV service providers and tech experts tapped on better opportunities online, identified the flaws in archaic TV tech systems and gave us streaming services (cable TV alternatives), which came as a death-blow to Cable TV. Low rates with better value and an increased level of convenience have driven many TV viewers to gash away at the Cable Cord.

Streaming service is exactly what the name suggests; it enables you to stream videos on-demand and live videos. In simple words, users can watch movies, TV shows, live TV, and other content from any location, without adhering to a particular schedule using IPTV technology. What started out as an experiment is now taking the TV world by storm!

As per recent statistics, 40% of the American households who have an access to internet, use streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.

On the other hand, a survey conducted in 2014 revealed that Cable TV customer base dropped by 1.2 million within one year. These figures are pegged to keep increasing every year and understandably so. With so many advantages over Cable TV, who wouldn’t make the switch to streaming services?

Popular Streaming Services With At least 7 Days Free Trial

1. Hulu

Hulu Offer

Hulu is a substitute for your television. Hulu boasts of having TV shows from popular networks like CBS, Disney, FX and many more. Hulu live TV is a premium streaming service that lets you watch live TV without installing cable TV. Hulu is a glimpse of what our modern television will look like. You can find the necessary link below to get your journey started. There are many streaming services that are way cheaper than Hulu, but Hulu hails for its complete channel lineup having channels from all genres. Having live local channels without installing an antenna makes it a great buy. Hulu is aggressively priced at $5.99/month for the base plan while live TV only is $53.99/month.

Hulu Channels 2020 | Hulu Free Trial

2. CBS All Access

CBS Offer

CBS All Access is a standalone streaming service offered by CBS which broadcast live CBS channels like CBS Sports, News, TV shows. With CBS you can watch all CBS on-demand and live shows. It’s priced at $5.99/month for the starter pack. Though CBS live and on-demand are included with Hulu but not all the content is available. You can definitely consider CBS All Access if you prefer standalone streaming service than a bouquet of live TV channels. More details and trial links are listed below.

CBS Free Trial

3. Philo

Philo Offer

Staring your online TV in a budget? Philo is what you could try. Philo is a live tv streaming service with a single plan having more than 50 channels which include popular networks like OWN, HGTV, BET, Hallmark, and many more. It’s a pocket-friendly TV option where 3 people can watch simultaneously and record shows with unlimited DVR for 30 days. Subscribers are allowed to create 10 customized profiles. Having a single plan with no add-ons makes it hassle-free TV options. Philo doesn’t confuse your different plans and starting with live TV is quite easy. Philo also offers 7 days of free trial for all new users.

Philo Free Trial

4. Sling TV

Sling TV Offer

Sling TV is among very few budget-friendly streaming services that operate only within the US. Sling TV offers multiple plans and lots of channels from different Networks. Be it sports, news, movies, Sling cover each genre in every plan. The only downside is the absence of live local channels. Sling Blue and Sling orange are priced at $35/month while Sling (Blue + Orange) is $45/month. New users can avail fresh subscriber discount and free trial offer. Not to forget, these offers keep on changing. You can track the recent Sling offer and complete guide from the links listed below.

Sling Channel List | Start Sling Trial

5. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a package of multiple services offered by Amazon. Amazon Prime includes free shipping, one-day delivery, movies, TV shows, originals, and music streaming. Users can either buy Amazon Prime which is available for $12.99/month or Prime Video only for $9.99/month. If you are a frequent shopper and content streamer, Amazon Prime is what you need.

Having Prime and Prime Video has its own perk. There are several services like CBS, HBO, Starz, Showtime that you can subscribe through Prime channels. Amazon Prime and Prime Video are completely free for 30 days. You just need to add a payment method and enjoy the service for 1 month.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

6. HBO

HBO Offer

HBO is a standalone service where subscribers can watch all HBO content live and on-demand. It’s one of the expensive standalone streaming services that are available for $14.99/month. With HBO, one can watch all the shows, movies, and original shows on a go. Users can either buy HBO separately or get it through cable TV providers. Former makes more sense as later defy the whole idea of cord-cutting. HBO could be purchased through its official website, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. With HBO, you can enjoy 7 days free trial.

HBO Free Trial

7.  Netflix

Best Streaming Services
Netflix Offer

Netflix needs no introduction. The most premium streaming service with a huge library of movies, TV shows, and Netflix original. Netflix operates in more than 180+ countries. Netflix started seeing a surge in subscribers after their blockbuster Orignal series. I personally enjoy Netflix’s original shows over normal content. Netflix is priced differently for every country it’s available. Catch all the happenings and news about Netflix. Find all the necessary details you need to get started. Check plans, prices, and features.

Netflix Latest Price

All you have to do is ensure that your internet is up to code with the requirements of streaming sites. Once that’s in place, get a device that supports the VOD site, create an account and get started!

Why Streaming Services Are Thriving

Streaming service is the future that has already knocked our doors. The changing scenario has made many cable operators make their services more digital to compete in this competitive market. VOD TV is miles ahead of our contemporary TV’s

1. Cable TV is Expensive

Yes, the traditional TV system costs a pretty penny while the newfangled VODTV system can be bought for a song. Ironical isn’t it? Most Cable TV subscribers pay a ridiculous average sum of $75 in which they get a no-frills package of about a hundred channels including music networks.

Dish TV is comparatively cheaper but they have a major drawback. They can’t be installed at all locations and go off at the slightest weather change. Furthermore, you’re still paying for channels you’ll never watch. What’s worse? These prices keep on increasing after a year’s subscription and for every premium channel, you pay extra. Now, with streaming services like TubiTV, XumoTV, Hotstar, etc, users can watch movies online without paying. Be it on-demand or live content, users have lots of options.

It may surprise you to know that an average American household with a Cable TV subscription gets close to 180 channels but their consumption stays under 17 networks.

2. Streaming Service Will Rule The Roost

Cable TV providers are surviving at the mercy of older viewers who are struggling to adapt to the latest technologies. While we’re familiar with the growing number of cord-cutters belonging to different age groups, there’s a parallel rise in cord-nevers. Cord-nevers is a term referred to young millennials who have never subscribed to Cable TV and don’t ever intend to. Very soon, the majority of the population will have abandoned Cable TV and a modernized status quo will have been achieved as there are top-notch platforms to watch TV online for free.

Another notable advantage of having streaming services is that they’re more personalized. Companies like Netflix and Hulu gather data based on the user’s viewing history and recommend movies or TV content accordingly. Furthermore, Cable TV networks still feature cheesy flicks and melodramatic sitcoms, keeping viewers hooked by using over-the-top cliffhangers. On the contrary, cable TV alternatives have managed to make original, coming-of-age, relatable shows, appealing to today’s generation.

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