(Hulu Vs Hulu Live) Latest Plans & Price List Updated

After proving itself as a successful online streaming platform, Hulu decided to go for an upgrade and announced its Live TV services in 2016. Last month, Hulu successfully managed to release the beta version of its Live TV feature which has plenty in store for everyone. Now the service is fully activated and open for all the users living in the United States. The plan comes with lots of options and add-ons. Often people are confused about which Hulu plans to choose. Here, I’ll try to unfold all the plans and prices of Hulu.

Hulu and Hulu Live TV are two of the services provided by Hulu. While earlier, Hulu was a free service and offered a trial period before charging you a subscription fee but as the market has evolved, Hulu decided that it would be best to shut down its free services and start charging via different subscription plans from the start.

How Much Does Hulu Basic Cost

Hulu Updated Price

Hulu basic comes with two amazing subscription plans. Both of them allow you to simultaneously stream on just one device. You need to know that the content available to you under these plans does not include any Live TV show or any live events you just get to watch on-demand movies and TV series that have already been aired on TV before. Hulu has managed to forge ties with more than 200 popular networks whose content you can watch. Its two subscription plans are:

1. Hulu Limited Commercials

The ‘Limited Commercials’ plan is priced at $5.99 a month and it gives you access to all the popular movies and on-demand TV shows available on Hulu. However, the only downside of this service is that after a certain time, your movie or TV show gets interrupted by a short 10-second ad and it can be quite annoying. If you have a tight budget then this plan would be perfect for you as you will get to enjoy the content of your liking at a decent price.

2. Hulu No Commercials

The ‘No Commercials’ plan is set at just $11.99 per month and it offers you a much better experience than the ‘Limited Commercials’ plan. This wonderful plan offers you all the premium content available on Hulu without the annoying ads ruining your watching experience. Subscribe to this plan and the extra $4 spent on it will be worth it.

How Much Does Hulu Live TV Cost

Live TV Only

  • Watch live TV only. No on-demand content available.
  • Local channels for each Zip code included.
  • No free Trial.
  • Watch only on a single screen.
  • 50 hours of DVR included.

Hulu Live TV is an entirely different concept to Hulu basic. If you subscribe to Hulu Live TV you get to watch all the Live TV content while relaxing on your couch. It comes with two amazing subscription plans:

1. Live TV Only

This pack comes at just $53.99 and after subscribing to this you will get access to all the live TV content available on Hulu. You must know that this particular plan does not give you access to the Hulu basic catalog and you only get to watch live TV channels. You also don’t get any free or trial periods after subscribing to this plan.

2. Hulu with Live TV

This amazing plan is priced at $54.99 and it gives you access to all the live TV content as well as the Hulu basic content available in the library. You get a one-week free trial period. This subscription plan will give you more than 50+ live channels to choose from and an abundance of movies and TV shows that you can watch as many times as you want.

Which Is Better Hulu Basic or Hulu Live TV?

This question has a really straightforward and simple answer. Hulu Live TV is much better as it gives you a lot more features and viewing options than Hulu basic. On Hulu, you can only watch the content that has already aired before which kind of reduces the excitement of watching it Live but on Hulu Live TV, you can watch it Live but in case you missed it, you can also watch it after it airs as it gives you the features of Hulu basic also.

You can even watch the content on multiple screens if you have subscribed to Hulu Live TV. It gives you 50 hours of Cloud DVR where you can record, pause, rewind, and play the Live content.

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