is committed to providing the best of VOD platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling. We curate the best topic to make your cord-cutting journey much more hassle-free and easier. Being a member of Hulu and watching Netflix for more than a year now, I’ve researched a lot about the cord-cutting process. Here at Neptuno Films, I’ll make you buy better service that is a perfect value for money. Having said that, I also share lots of other free services that will add more content to your online library. Let discuss in brief about the topic I love to write about. Apart from these, we share free movies and their legal sources to watch movies for free. We search for the internet for popular movies that one can watch.

What Neptunofilms Offer?

Being a TV maniac, I soon got fed up with my cable bills. Lots of research and discussion have made more enlighten about many services. Here I’ll share the best services that are widely popular among the cord-cutters. Having tested all these services, I’m well qualified to share my experience with you all.

1. Hulu

There is a lot you can do with Hulu. Decently priced, Hulu is now more loaded with content and much more customizable. I readily share the tips and tricks to make most out of your Hulu Plan. You can rely on and ask about the latest Hulu updates.

2. Netflix

Netflix and Chill. Get updates details about latest Netflix plan, cost, and content coming up on Netflix. Follow the Netflix section to get all the details and the latest content on Netflix. With our updates, you can always find the latest happening about Netflix.

3. SlingTV

SlingTV is a value for money service. A highly customizable service need lots of information to pick the best plan for you. Check SlingTV content to find the latest happening on SlingTV network.

4. Streaming Portals

Streaming Portal is a wide section where I share all the popular services that anyone can access free of cost. There are many unknown services that most of us don’t know. Follow our section to know more about such services. Find the free and premium section that is not much known to the public.

5. Movie Reviews

This is the most celebrated section of our website. Here we review popular movies with every detail about the movie. With the perfect review, we server user with the source to watch that movie for free online. You can just check the source and enjoy the movie without paying any penny. Recently we merged one of our acquired domain with Netunofilms. Now, users can watch all the movies here. The movies are listed in categories which make you select the best one for you.